US News & World Report - Yes

US News & World Report pays its interns $12/hour, plus health benefits.

Interns are expected to work 37.5 hours a week. Our internship rate is $12 an hour, and health benefits are available.

- From USN&WR's internship listing

NY1 - No

NY1—New York City’s beloved local cable news station—does not pay its interns, according to a tipster.

Candidates for internships MUST:

- Receive academic credit

- Have strong interpersonal, verbal/written communication skills, leadership and organizational abilities.

- Maintain a professional appearance, be enthusiastic and have a demonstrated interest in the industry. 

- Be able to commit to 16-24 hours per week.


- From NY1’s internship listing

Hyperallergic - Yes

Hyperallergic, a site that covers “arts and its discontents,” now pays its interns minimum wage ($8/hr).

From day one, it was important to us at Hyperallergic that everyone be paid for their work, creative and otherwise.

Today, we formally announce that we will be paying our next class of Hyperallergic interns, who were previously provided with a small daily honorarium and paid as contributors for their blog posts.

By offering compensated positions, we’re hopefully creating opportunity for a wider range of students and emerging writers and photographers. Change happens slowly, but we’re committed to being a part of it.

- From Hyperallergic’s paid internship announcement

Gothamist - Yes

Gothamist now pays its interns at least minimum wage ($8/hr), according to publisher Jake Dobkin.

The Walrus Ends Its Internship Program

We previously reported that The Walrus—a Toronto-based weekly magazine that’s more or less Canada’s equivalent of The New Yorker Harper’s—did not pay its interns. Now, the Ontario government has shut down the magazine’s unpaid internship program, claiming it violates Canadian labor law.

The Liberal Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Labour has closed the internship program at the Walrus Foundation. The Ministry of Labour employment standards act inspector has said our four-to-six-month unpaid internships can no longer be offered unless the interns have a formal agreement for a work experience with a vocational school. We have been training future leaders in media and development for ten years, and we are extremely sorry we are no longer able to provide these opportunities, which have assisted many young Ontarians—and Canadians—in bridging the gap from university to paid work and in, many cases, on to stellar careers.

- from The Walrus's updated internships page (emphasis added)

The Ministry of Labour has also shut down the unpaid internship program at Toronto Life, another magazine in the city. It’s likely that other Toronto publications that don’t pay their interns—such as The Grid—will also be forced to end their internship programs.

Emily Books - Yes

Emily Books—an indie e-book club run by former Gawker editor Emily Gould—pays its interns $10/hour.

We’re looking for an intern to start June 1 and continue through September 1. We’d like you to be currently enrolled in college, ideally in the NY metro area. The position entails a maximum of 5 hours of work per week that you do at home, or wherever you like to work, and pays $10/hour. You’ll also check in with me (Emily! Hi!) once every few weeks about ongoing projects and we’ll have a quick coffee.

- From Emily Books’s internship post

The New York Times - Yes, For Everyone

We previously reported that the Times only paid some of its interns. But that’s changing. 

According to Borough Buzz, the Times will now pay minimum wage (which is now $8/hour in New York) to those of its interns who receive academic credit.

Meanwhile, interns in Times's official summer internship program will continue to receive a $960/week stipend.

Of course, the real money’s not on the editorial side. A source tells Borough Buzz that interns in the Times's marketing department receive $25/hour.

OnEarth Magazine - Yes

OnEarth magazine, which is published by the Natural Resources Defense Council, pays its interns $15/hour.

Hours are generally 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. two or three days a week (we’re flexible). The pay is $15 per hour. OnEarth is published by the nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council, but all of your work will be journalistic in nature; you will not be involved in fundraising, advocacy, media relations, or the like.

- From OnEarth's internships page

New York Observer - No

The New York Observer only offers unpaid internships.

Because the internship is unpaid, interns must be eligible to receive academic credit for the internship. If you are a student, contact your career counselor for more information. In some cases, students who have just graduated may participate in a summer internship and still receive credit from their school. The internship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. All interns are expected to have had at least one previous journalism internship.

- From the Observer's internships page

Audubon Mag - Yes, Even More

We previously reported that Audubon magazine paid its interns minimum wage ($7.25/hour). A tipster tells us that the magazine now pays $10/hour.